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Barbell Club at Georgia Tech

This is indeed a sad day in the history of Georgia Tech. Today marks one of the final days in the history of the Barbell Club at Georgia Tech as a student run organization with on campus facilities. The club, in this form, was a Georgia Tech institution for 50 years. Generation after generation of Georgia Tech students - tens of thousands - men and women - were members of the Barbell club. Many have written fondly of this very special Georgia Tech institution.

It took the administration only one year to completely and knowingly destroy this club in its current form. Time after time officers of the Barbell Club tried to meet with the people in the administration who were authoring the memos charting the destruction of the Barbell club. From October until May these people refused to meet with the officers. Meanwhile members of the administration were writing back to other students (with) platitudes: "The barbell club is alive and well", "The Barbell club will be moved - into what is undoubtedly one of finest recreation centers in the United States." The Barbell club was offered no even remotely comparable space in CRC, nor anywhere else on campus. These statements of the administration were disingenuous and misleading.

In the end, I have never understood why the administration was so intent on destroying the barbell club as we know it. Every time the Barbell club answered some objection, the administration changed their arguments. This has never been about Title IX. There are a thousand and one ways to satisfy the volleyball recommendation of the "Daniel Report". Many of these have little or no impact on the Barbell club.

So goodbye to the Barbell club as we know it. Started by students in 1955, and killed by administrators, for reasons unknown, in 2005.

Tom Morley

It appears that mike Edwards has agreed to honor Barbell club memberships for entrance to CRC for the rest of the summer.

The Barbell Club at Georgia Tech


Started and run by students

Killed by the administration: July 1, 2005

R. I. P.

The administration has informed us that we are to be shut down, and are to lose all our facilities, as of July1, 2005
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Some Interesting Documents and comments
Corespondence from Robert Thompson: thompson.pdf
Some comments on the current situation by the Barbell Club:Barbell Club.pdf
The relevent part of the "Daniel's Report" about Volleyball locker room facilitiles: FromTheDainielsReport.doc
Remarks on the famous consultant's report
The famous consultant's report: Daniel.doc
Comments on the Technique Coverage
Statement from the barbell club (pdf): bbclub.pdf
September 16th meeting
Statement from George Slayton
The Student Officers, Advisor, and Managers of the Barbell Club are:
Michael Kim, President mailto:gte410v@mail.gatech,edu
Michael Connell, Vice President
Bill Anton, Secretary
Dr. Thomas Morley of the Mathematics Department, Club Advisor
George Slayton, Manager
Micah Wise, Manager

List of EMAIL addresses: List of addresses